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As you may already know, the BrandMeister DMR network allow the utilization of any valid talkgroup number. Formal names are assigned to certain talkgroup numbers. The names are visible on the talkgroups list and lastheard sections of the dashboard, and via the BrandMeister API. Requests for new talkgroup names are made through the BrandMeister Support Portal and handled by the applicable country's BrandMeister Master Server. International talkgroups (starting with 9) are handled by the BrandMeister Core Team.


Only talkgroups with 3, 4, and 5 digits will be named

The BrandMeister DMR network has seen an exponential growth over the past years, and the database of talkgroup names has also grown to a point where it will become inconvenient for users to browse through so many names. This is why the decision has been made in May of 2018 to no longer name talkgroups with more than 5 digits.

USA (United States of America) USERS: We request that you use a repeater ID or a USER ID as a group call that belongs to you.  We are no longer issuing talk groups! Please do not randomly pick a Talk group number. 

Before making your request (this does not apply to USA Users, see above for USA Users), choose an unused talk group number and start using it for a few months

In the past we have seen too often someone requesting a TalkGroup name, and once created there was no traffic on it even after a year! This creates the double problem of using up ressources in the database for nothing, and creating the inconvenience for users to select talkgroups from the database list with no one ever present on it. This is why we are now asking that you and the members of the future named talkgroup start using a free talkgroup number (for example the one you will be requesting, so you don't have to re-do announcements). Configure this talkgroup number in your codeplugs and start using it. After a few months of utilization, post the request on the BrandMeister Support Portal for the naming. Administrators will check the traffic history database to see how popular the talkgroup is; and make a determination on whether or not to add the name in the database. There is one exception to this rule: if you are requesting a talkgroup for a Radio-Amateur Emergency Group (RACES, ARES, ADRASEC, etc.), provide us with a link to your website organization and we will create the name right away. 

Provide a use case

When you submit a request for naming a talkgroup, include an explanation of what the talkgroup use is for. For example, detail who will be using the talkgroup, how it will be advertised, what kind of traffic you expect, whether it is a temporary use or long-term, etc.

After the talkgroup is created, document it in the wiki

The BrandMeister Wiki includes a database of Talkgroup descriptions. Once your request for naming has been accepted and implemented, please add a detailed description of what the talkgroup is about, so all BrandMeister users have a good understanding of what the Talkgroup is for.

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